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Tutorial  5 methods to write a blog

Most bloggers write to be read. If that’s your aim, you must
create content that your audience loves reading.
Here are five methods to write blog posts your readers will love:
1. Think Bite-Size
Blog posts come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not length that
matters but the value of the information you share.
That said, as a general rule, you can pack more value into a long
How can you keep attention for hundreds or thousands of
words? Break down your article into bite-size chunks. The
simplest way to do this is through headings and paragraph
breaks. You can also break your article down into stories.
2. Appeal to Visual Learners
Most blog posts these days include an image, but the more
images you feature, the more engaging your blog post. That is,
as long as the images are relevant to what you’re writing.
You can use images to:
Tell a story
Convey a metaphor
Illustrate your headline
Evoke emotion
As well as keeping readers engaged, images help visual learners
store away what you’re teaching them.
3. Find Out What Your Readers Want
Many bloggers make the mistake of assuming their blog is all
about them. This is a mistake because it’s only half the truth.
A blog is a community of interaction between you, the writer,
and your readers. If your readers don’t benefit from your blog,
they’ll go elsewhere. There are plenty of other sites where they
can find what they want.
So if you want to build a loyal tribe of readers, you must find
out what your readers want. You can do this by:
Paying attention to their comments. What do they ask you
Asking questions in your blog posts.
Setting up a survey, for example on MailChimp.
Reader feedback is invaluable. With it, you’ll flourish. Without
it, you’ll struggle to create engaging content.
4. Open With a Hook
Most bloggers these days know all about the importance of
writing great headlines. But how long do you spend crafting
your hook?
Your hook is the opening sentence or paragraph of your blog
post. It should arouse curiosity and pull your readers in –
otherwise you’ve lost them before you’ve started.
Hooks can be:
A quote
A question
A fact
A statement of a problem facing the reader
A promise of what you will offer your readers in the article
5. Try the Reverse Pyramid Approach
The reverse pyramid is the structure journalists in newsrooms
all around the world use when they need to hammer out an
article fast.
To create a reverse pyramid, you top-load your article with the
most important information first.
Why would you do this? On the one hand, it increases your
chances of losing a reader halfway through your article. On the
other hand, it shows you care about your readers’ time. You’re
helping them find the information they need as quickly as
Over to You
What methods do you turn to when you’re creating a new blog
post? Do you have a secret sauce to make your posts extra special.
Nice Tutorial........Good Job
Happy Blogging In BlogNigeria...
In-depth Info. That's what i am looking for. Great Work
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