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NOTICE  Sunday vibe

If jesus come today,will go with him?remember the scripture said;what profited a man inherits the whole worlds and lose his soul.also said; i am the way of truth and life,whose ever followed me will not perished but have eternal life.what is your problems,your worried in this life that make you forgot your creator,what are your most desirable in this worlds of vanity?what are your inpact in this world,you are the most wanted in this world,will you be the most higher in heaven?remember,one day,i mean a single one day?you will be no more! And there is a place that is most beautiful than this world...when there will no sorrow,sickness,battle,pains,that those who live in slavry will lives like a king.
Please say this..
..Please lord forgive me all my wrong-doing,av come to your presence,please accept me as one of your labourer,as your lost sheep.teach me your way so that i may av eternal life
thanks you lord

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