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When it comes to marriage, it takes a lot to make it work but before venturing into it, one must ensure that the right steps are taken in order to avoid making a lifelong mistake.
Former Media aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has cooked up some nuggets for men as regards marriage. According to him, a lot of things contribute to making a good or bad marriage. The Lawyer and Author discussed some via his Twitter handle and we compiled them for you here.
1. Marry a woman with good character
Quote:Dear men,
Better to marry a woman with good character than a woman with good body. But the best is marrying a woman with a combination of both. It is the equivalent of ice cream in a cone. In her youth, her body is ice cream. In old age, her character is the cone

2.Reduce dates in restaurants
Quote:Dear men,
It is not romantic to always take a girl you intend to marry out on dates. It is foolishness. A wiseman will also want to see her at home. That is where you can discover if she can cook, is neat and has wifely qualities. You cant know that in a restaurant

3.The types of women

Quote:Dear men,
There are two types of women.
a. A woman that wants a lot for you (when you see these ones, marry them bad you will succeed)
b. A woman that wants a lot from you (if you marry these ones, you are finished. No, you are completely finished!)

4.Surprise her with a visit

Quote:Dear men
Don’t be fooled into marriage by the poshness she displays around you. She knows when you are coming and prepares for your arrival. To know if she is a wifely, surprise her with a visit at her house and insist on visiting her kitchen and using her bathroom

5.How marriage makes or mares you

Quote:Dear men,
Success or failure has more to do with the wife you marry than the job you carry. Think deep before you marry. Never be in a hurry to marry or you‘ll be sorry for your hurry. The person who marries fast may end up much worse than the one who married last

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