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JUST IN -  Having Problem With Procrastination?LETS Solve it

Procrastination?Another way of saying"I will write the essay later","i will do those chores later","i will start it tomorrow",Since time is no man's friend,they all just boil down to one thing ,"DELAYING OF YOUR SET GOALS".there are so many ways you could have bumped into this post either by a friend or through Google. I dare say you got to the right post,because so i will be giving out 7 ways to combat procrastination.

If you have been procrastinating for a while now ,the first thing to do is to think back on how it has affected you,if you have been delaying that project or delaying that morning exercise ,you could look back and see how far you would have gone without procrastinating,then look at the brighter side,it's never too late to make that change as a matter of fact,experience might be the best teacher because if you look at what happens when you delay those goals,you wouldn't want to make the same mistake.

One of the best ways to stop that procrastination might be to make a list of what you want to do, a to-do list is like breaking down a maths equation,so when it comes to your task,when you make a list you get to see all you need to do even the ones you could have forgotten.

When making that list,don't forget to arrange it starting from the ones that seems harder than others if you are the type that can be very productive in the morning,you could start with your toughest task or if you are the type that needs to be awake for a while for your brain to be fully active you could wait till you are fully awake,all the same, you begin with the toughest one,and as you go downhill on that list of yours,it should get easier.

The next thing should be to get moving, so you have made that list of what you need to do,there is no time,start them, don't get discouraged on how long any of them might take just have it at the back of your mind that you will get this feeling of accomplishment when you are done with them.

People way of fun varies,if you are the type of person that can focus with music,you could do that for a change,or you just enjoy a chat with someone while you are busy,it is also an option it all depends on what you can focus with, you might ask the reason for this,the main reason is your old way of doing your task could be a reason why you don't like doing it in the first place,you could be someone that likes change like me so give it a try.

Can't think of any better way of ending that task than giving yourself a treat if you play outdoor sports like football,basketball,volleyball or any other outdoor sports, you could do that or you are the board game kind of person that's ok or you are the movie type like me,you could catch up on that series when you are done. just make sure you reward yourself,you have earned it.
Ok so you have gone down this post from step 1-6 it doesn't end there, you have to make it a part of you,make it a habitual act,it's easier to start the race but hard to reach the finish line,but if you are determined to succeed,you will.

If you like this post or you think you have something to add,feel free to make use of the comment section.
Tomorrow I'll try to start

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