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Evianne Cream Before starting gymnastics, it is necessary to warm the skin - grease it with a fat cream or massage oil . With light tapping finger movements, walk along the neck, chin, cheeks Evianne Cream forehead. The main position for performing any gymnastics is the strictly vertical position of the spine Evianne Cream the head straight. Perhaps we should recall the old truth - the best prevention of wrinkles is not only gymnastics for the face, but also kisses, laughter. In addition to the produced endorphins Evianne Cream positive emotions, this is the most pleasant massage of the lips Evianne Cream cheeks. True, laughter nasolabial wrinkles are the first to appear in laughter. It’s easy to cope with it - press your teeth to your lips, while opening your mouth. It should look like an oval. Easily, almost weightlessly, stroke the skin along the nasolabial folds from the corners of the mouth to the nose. With the appearance of burning, run your fingertips along the folds up Evianne Cream down for 30 seconds. Then exhale air, relax your mouth Evianne Cream say “U”. Do not wait until the first signs of wilting overtake you - they should be warned in advance. All in your hands.

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