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Why BlogNigeria changed from Naira To BN-BTC

It's no big deal, Bitcoin owns the century,

Yes let's do it the Bitcoin way, but this time, our own Bitcoin! , Our Own value!! , Our Own Conditions!!!


JUST as Bitcoin started, it's had an equal value, but now, hope you know what one Bitcoin is worth in Naira?, that's the idea,
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BN-BTC ( BlogNigeria Bitcoin) Has Started By equalling The Value of Naira, that is to say, 1 BN-BTC =1 Naira As of 31-01-2017 , so don't be surprised if it doubles The Value Of Naira the next time you check,

<b>The Philosophy </b>

We are working on customizing the act of Blogging In Nigeria, and redefining What Nigerians call "Blogging"

Hope You are registered Already as a Blogger with the title Bgr. Attached to your name, because our next feature Is going to Amaze you .... 90% Loading........
Woow nice one , it will be lovly
(02-18-2017, 05:52 PM)Ifeoma Nnabugwu Wrote: Woow nice one , it will be lovly

Indeed, it's lovely
Quite interesting
(03-16-2017, 01:47 PM)Joeglobal Wrote: Quite interesting

just can't wait for the upgrade

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