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Why did the prophet engaged in wars?

During the early prophthood of prophet Muhammad (saw).people used to insult him,trew stones at him for refusing to worship there gods. When they disided to finaly kill him,the prophet and Abubakr(the first caliph) excaped from makkah to medina.the followers of the prophet(muslims) who remained in makkah were beeing insulted,beating,abused and ultrasised,some of had to escape to medina to join the prophet with out there properties.the prophet remained in medina.the medinan people were good host,they treated him well,Before the recieved revelation to defend himself and the other muslims.the prophet asked the muslims(men) at that time to get ready for war,the total number of the soldiers were 10,000.(deutronomy33:2,the 10,000 saints [paran is in Arabian land]) They marched to macca to reclaim the holy land. Frequently other battles with those communities who were not muslims but inhabiting in the arabian land.they are giving optin to pay gizya(land tax),convert to islam, some who agreed to pay were remained but decided not follow his order and joined other idole worshipers to atack the prophet and his followers.which lead to another battle. they were invaded and concered.
The prophet never killed innocent people.He only defended islam at it ealry stage.,,,there is no compulsion in Islam.
There are countless stories that relate to what they did in different situations. I read the Birdie Essay as they explained all of this in a perfect way for someone who doesn’t know much.
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