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HOT -  JAMB US-based education researcher solves UTME problems

UK-based Education Researcher, Dr Peter
Ogudoro, has carried out a 3-year intensive
research with results that will potentially resolve
the problems JAMB UTME poses to youths in
The research reportedly conducted in Europe and
Nigeria has aided Ogudoro to develop a model for
better access to higher education.
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According to Fast Education , the model will give
over a million additional candidates access to
higher education annually while saving Nigeria
over a trillion Naira annually in cost of public and
foreign education.
Dr Ogudoro who is a Development Educationist
and Career Management Expert explained that
the development and execution of the research
were self-funded as his contribution to the
development of the country.
In his news release, Dr Ogudoro also indicated
that the full benefits of his research can be
harnessed if the country's parliament worked
hand in hand with the Federal Ministry of
education in implementing new education and
labour laws/policies.
The news release began with an annual
secondary school graduation rate of about 2
million and population gain of about 5 million
According to the release, a failure to innovate
access to higher education in Nigeria in the
immediate future could result in socio-economic
and political consequences from which the
country would be unable to recover.
Dr Ogudoro stated that without education,
training and employment for youths, they would
constitute a powder keg wherever they find
themselves in the world.
He also observed that the level of Nigeria’s
multi-dimensionality makes the situation even
more potentially destructive.
Dr Ogudoro emphasised that the implementation
of the model produced by his research has the
potential to assist Nigeria in developing to a
significant level so much so that the human
capital will put the country on a fast track to
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According to him, these research findings were
benefited from data he collected from 17
institutions in Europe and Nigeria including 9
professional bodies and 3 public education
agencies in Nigeria, all of which participated in
the study.
Education in Europe and Nigeria should be interconnected for sure. Nigeria becomes more and more civilized country and its population grows every year. I know about that because I'm writing an essay on population growth in African countries and have done a thorough research.
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