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How to Maintain a Healthy Living Taking Common Fruits & Vegetables Found in Nigeria

Healthy living entails so many things from our diet, sleeping, style, attitude to life in general.
I will define healthy living in my own way as a way of “living fresh”. My main focus today is on how to eat your way to a healthy life and I will be talking about some fruits and plants which in one way or the other aid in making us healthy. Some fruits listed here have only a part of them that can be used while for others, almost every part is important. Let us take a look at the following: SOUR SOP From its prickly dark green skin to the tree roots, everything is useful in its own way. The seed of this wonder fruit can be dried, grounded and used as bug repellent. The skin can be used as poultice. The tender fresh leaves can be soaked in hot water, drained and taken morning and night for body cleansing. Ads by Google
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Stop seeing this ad Sour sop contains cancer
fighting properties. The tea can
be taken to cure eczema and
other skin infections. The
white fibrous pulp helps in
proper digestion. For babies suffering from diarrhoea, sour
sop juice should be given to
them 3-4 times a day. The root
of this tree can be used to
purify water. It is really a
wonder tree. Plant a sour sop tree or buy one and enjoy. BANANA “Monkey food” is what I am going to call it, but if you know the abilities of this fruit, you will never look at it the same way again. Even the world oldest man eats a banana every
day. Banana combats depression which is the one of the leading causes of death (eat one now!). Bananas aid in weight loss. Rub a piece of banana peel on your leather shoe or handbag and polish with a dry cloth. Banana makes great snacks and smoothies. A banana milkshake can cure a hangover. Rub the inside of a banana peel
on a bug or mosquito bite to reduce irritation. Banana helps to reduce morning sickness in pregnant women. Now you know why monkeys are always happy and healthy. WATERMELON What a healthy to quench your thirst! It boosts your sex life. It helps in weight loss. It keeps you hydrated since it contains 92% water. It aids in faster healing of wounds and skin diseases. GARLIC This is class of bulbs, like the onions, primarily known as a spice and a natural body cleanser. But this aromatic spice has much more to offer. Garlic aids the foetus to gain weight. Eat a piece of garlic dipped in honey at the first sign of cold. Garlic contains alicin which
helps in the treatment of
fungal and bacterial vaginal
infections and wounds. Garlic
contains vitamin B which has
cancer fighting abilities. It is also a spice used in cooking. GARDEN EGG This is a common vegetable in Nigeria. It is also used by almost by every tribe but in different ways. In Igbo land, it is used as “kola” in welcoming guests. It is great for weight loss because of it fibrous nature which acts roughage. Garden eggs also help improves
eyesight. The garden egg
leaves is used to treat snake
Hmm, it seems like Nigeria is loaded with amazing fruits and vegetables. I was meaning to look for the London energy healing and instead learned about Nigeria! It is quite fascinating and I would love to explore more about it.
Nice to here for living fresh with organic fruits and plants.
This new article was quite a good one, and I enjoyed reading it a lot. There was no info about the bbest rated weed killer in this article, and that was the only drawback here. I hope you will fix this issue soon.

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