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How to make Breadcrumbs at Home with Ease

To<b> make bread crumbs,</b>
simply gather up all the left
over bread you can find at
home. Breadcrumbs are very easy to make. All you need is BREAD.


* Bread and
* A Blender


1. Cut or tear the bread into
very tiny and thin pieces and
spread out on a tray.

2. Place the tray out in the sun or if you have an oven let it dry in the oven.

*** NOTE***

**the sun-dried method take some hours and
**oven drying only
takes a few minutes.

3. Now that the bread is all
dried up, you can easily
crumble it with your hands.
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Banga Soup</a>

*The<b> easy way is to grind it in a blender, until
you get a fine powder. </b>
*If it doesn't come out too fine, pass it through a sieve and you have a fine Breadcrumbs..
Never throw away breadcrumbs, because this recipe is the reason why I have fallen in love yet again, but this time with my Toaster Oven and this recipe. The end product is real and tasty and the best thing ever.

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